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Computer Science Societies
  1. School of Computer Science Council
    • The affairs of the School of Computer Science are governed by the School of Computer Science Counsice (SCSC)
    • Council consists of full-time faculty members of the School of Computer Science as well as student representatives
    • Council holds opend meeting sessions 5 times per academic year

  2. Computer Science Graduate Council
    • The affairs of the Computer Science graduate studies are governed by the Computer Science Graduate Council
    • Council consists of full-time faculty members of the School of Computer Science

  3. Computer Science Course Union
    • CSCU represents the student union of computer science, all students are members and elections to hold head positions in the union are held once a year
    • An outstanding place to learn about current events for Computer Science students such as important meetings, friendly gatherings and planned activities
    • Contains a wealth of information and assistance in the form of exam banks, tutor lists, services such as peer reviewed work, course reviews and more

  4. Women in Computer Science
    • WICS is an informational group which holds open meetings and casual gatherings throughout the school year
    • Supports women currently studying in Computer Science at Ryerson University
    • Encourages women everywhere to consider Computer Science as a career choice

  5. Game Maker's Union
    • The Game Makerís Union was created by a few friends to inspire students that are interested in game development to learn more about game development. Also, we want to give the members a taste of what itís like in the gaming industry. You donít have to be a master programmer to learn how to design a game. Everyone can come together to get feedback from like-minded students. This is a place to build a team to create a game that is truly amazing and unique to share with everyone. This union consists of students across many disciplines such as programming, art, and music.