Ilkka Kokkarinen

This is my Ryerson Chang School web page. I wrote the minimalistic HTML by hand on Emacs, as if it still were the year 1995 and being two kilobytes in size were important. (For me, the mid-nineties is still conceptually about ten years ago. But I do think something has seriously gone wrong somewhere when a Google Docs generated course webpage that contains about three screens of text is nearly 200 kilobytes in size, more than all the example programs in that course put together.

For fun, I have written one iOS App called BlueFace, available in App Store.

In my spare time, I like to make computational art (older, with some good tags fractal, black and white and pixelsort.)

The current courses that I am teaching are

I am a great fan of the Wolfram Mathematica programming language. My Wolfram page contains the links to the Wolfram tutorials that I wrote, links to my computational art blogs created with Wolfram, and some additional Wolfram example articles.