The research conducted in the DABNEL lab is described below. Our main sponsors are NSERC and Canada Foundation for Innovation/Ontario Innovation Trust.

DABNEL Members' Research

Isaac Woungang
Professor and Lead
Dr. Woungang received his Ph.D degree in Mathematics from University of South, Toulon & Var, France, in 1994. His current research interests include radio resource management, computer security, heterogeneous networks, computational intelligence and machine learning applications, performance modelling, analysis and optimization. The general approach adopted in my work consist of using the knowledge from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics to address some of the challenges posed by the above-mentioned systems and networks.

Chen Ding
Dr. Ding received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore in 2003. Her current research interests include Web information retrieval, Content networking, Web site usability study, and Web usage mining.

Alireza Sadeghian
Dr. Sadeghian received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Toronto, Canada. His current research include Knowledge-based expert systems, Network security, and Computational intelligence.

Abdolreza Abhari
Dr. Abhari received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Carleton University, Ottawa. His current research interests include Web Performance Modeling and Caching, Distributed Database Systems, and Object Oriented Languages.

Eric Harley
Associate professor
Dr. Harley received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Toronto in 2003. His current research interests include Graph algorithms and Bioinformatics.

Issa Traore
Adjunct professor
Dr. Traore is a Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer and Electrical Engineering, University of Victoria, BC, and Director of the The Information Security and Object Technology (ISOT) Research Lab ( His current research interests include computer security and software engineering.

Moses Nyongwa
Adjunct professor
Dr. Nyongwa is an Associate professor, Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg, Canada. He received his Ph.D. degree in Theoretical Linguistics at the University of Quebec in Montreal, in 1995. His current research interests include E-learning Systems.

Sanjay Kumar Dhurandher
Dr. Dhurandher is a Professor & the Head of the Advanced Centre CAITFS at University of Delhi, Delhi, India. His current research interests include wireless networks, cognitive networks, opportunistic networks, network security, and Underwater Sensor Networks.

Current graduate students of Dr. Woungang ONLY .
For the other members, please consult their own web sites.
  • Ajmery Sultana (PostDoctoral Fellow)
  • Glaucio H.S. Carvalho (PhD candidate, co-supervision)
  • Kuram Khalid (PhD candidate)
  • Paulo Magella de Faria Quinan (PhD candidate, co-supervision, UVic)
  • Asem Kitanah (PhD candidate, co-supervision, UVic)
  • Trung Chau (MSc, co-supervision)
  • Amir Mohammadi Bagha (MSc, Computer Networks)

Alumini of Dr. Woungang ONLY.
For the other members, please consult their own indicated web sites.

  • Richa Siddavaatam (PhD, 2019)
  • Shree Sharma Krishna (PostDoc fellow, 2018)
  • Maninder Raniyal Singh (MSc, 2018)
  • Elena Degtiereva (MSc, 2017)
  • Amarpreet Bamrah (MSc, 2016)
  • Kuram Khalid (MSc, 2016)
  • Fatema Rashid (PhD, 2015)
  • Akinniyi Ojo (MSc, 2015)
  • Shraddha Reddy Peesary (MSc, 2015)
  • Sidhu Parampreet (MSc, 2014)
  • Ssowjanya Harishankar (MSc, 2014)
  • Dr. Luftul Karim (PostDoc fellow, 2013)
  • Michael Ryan Sahai (MSc, 2012)
  • Md. Mizanur Rahman (MSc, 2012)
  • A.B.M. Bodrul (MSc, 2012)
  • Faria Khandaker (MSc, 2012)
  • Waqas Shah (MSc, 2012)
  • David W. White (M.Phil, UTech, Jamaica, 2012)
  • Rajender Dheeraj Peddi (MSc, 2012)
  • Vincent Koo (MSc, 2012)
  • Liu Xing, NIU (MSc, Taiwan)
  • Shilpi Verma (MSc, 2011)
  • Po-Chun Tsou, NIU (M.Sc, 2011)
  • Joe Chen, NIU (M.Sc, 2011)
  • Allen Liao, NIU (M.Sc, 2011)
  • Abhishek Gupta, (Univ. of Delhi, India) (2011)
  • Denis Guschin, (ENSEEIHT, France) (2011)
  • Shahid Nadeem Malik(M.Eng, 2010)
  • Bijan Khalilian (MSc, 2010)
  • Lubaid Ahmed (MSc, 2010)
  • Saif Hanamekha (M.Eng, 2010)
  • Mohammad Mohammad (M.Eng, 2010)
  • Abner Wu, NIU (M.Sc, 2010)
  • Joey Tzeng, NIU (M.Sc, 2010)
  • Wade Xiao, NIU (M.Sc, 2010)
  • Chris Liu, NIU (M.Sc, 2010)
  • Wess Huang, NIU (M.Sc*, 2010)
  • Za Lin, NIU (M.Sc*, 2010)
  • Hilda Wu, NIU (M.Sc, 2010)
  • Hui-Hung Jian, NIU (M.Sc, 2010)
  • Yu-Hsin Liu, NIU (M.Sc, 2010)
  • Li-Sheng Chen, NIU (M.Sc, 2009)
  • Zhua Lin, National Dong Hwa University (M.Sc, 2009)
  • Yi-Qun Lee, NIU (M.Sc, 2009)
  • Eric Lee, NIU (M.Sc, 2009)
  • Kuan-Yi Chen, NIU (M.Sc, 2009)
  • Elvira N. Bonilla Tamez (M.Sc, 2009)
  • Rashid Fatema (M.Sc, 2009)
  • Minh Hoang (M.Eng, 2009)
  • Kedy Chang (M.Sc, NIU, 2009)
  • Nick Hsu (M.Sc, NIU, 2009)
  • Hsiang-Te Liu (M.Sc, NIU, 2009)
  • Hsin-Yun Yang (M.Sc, NIU, 2009)
  • Florentin Salceanu (M.Eng, 2008)
  • Ruffino Orea Mendez (M.Eng, 2008)
  • Guangyan Ma, (M.Eng, 2008)
  • Farhana Zabin (M.Sc, 2007)
  • Aida Tavakkolie (Undergrad Thesis, 2007)
  • Bart Stanczyk (Undergrad RA, 2007)
  • Nabil Suleiman (Undergrad RA, 2007)
  • Kevin Lo (Undergrad Thesis, 2006)
  • Ann Fry (Undergrad Thesis, 2006)
  • Mohammad Ahmadoun (Undergrad Thesis, 2006)
  • Sorin Nitoi (Undergrad Thesis, 2006)
  • Moazzami Siamak (MEng, 2005)
  • Ahsan Kazmi (MEng, 2005)
  • Qazi Karim (Undergrad Thesis, 2005)
  • Vikaram Khullar (Undergrad Thesis, 2005)
  • David Subryan (Undergrad Thesis, 2005)
  • Du Sa (Undergrad Thesis, 2005)
  • Terrence Szeto (Undergrad Thesis, 2005)
  • Viktor Vitebski (Undergrad Thesis, 2005)
  • Victor Volfson (Undergrad Thesis, 2005)
  • Idris Yousifie (Undergrad Thesis, 2004)
  • Jun Jiang (Undergrad Thesis, 2004)
  • Tommy Kong (Undergrad Thesis, 2004)
  • Peter Toi (Undergrad Thesis, 2004)
  • Olga Kovalenko (Undergrad Thesis, 2004)
  • Michael Cole (MEng, 2004)
  • Ke Li (MEng, 2004)

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