CP 8307 Introduction to Computer Vision

Winter 2013, Thurs. 3:00 - 6:00pm, ENG LG06.
Instructor: Kosta Derpanis

Course Description

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of vision with emphasis on computer science and engineering.  In particular, the course covers the image formation process, image representation, feature extraction, stereopsis, motion analysis, 3D parameter estimation and applications.


This course requires programming experience as well as linear algebra, basic calculus, and basic probability.  The following courses are prerequisites (or equivalent courses at other institutions):


Reference Textbooks


Your final grade will be made up from 5 programming assignments:
(It is strongly recommended that all assignments be done in MATLAB, since all starter code will be provided for MATLAB.)

Late Policy

You have three "late days" for this course. Specifically, the first 24 hours after the due date and time counts as 1 day, up to 48 hours is two and 72 for the third late day.  After the three "late days" have been exhausted, an automatic zero will be assigned.

Syllabus (in progress)

Class Date Topic Slides Reading Assignment
Jan. 17th
Introduction to computer vision pdf
Szeliski Chapter 1

Simoncelli, A Geometric Review of Linear Algebra

Image Formation and Filtering
Jan. 17th
Cameras and optics pdf
Szeliski Chapter 2.1

Jan. 24th Image filtering (smoothing)
pdf Szeliski Chapter 3.2 (up to and including 3.2.2)
A0 released
Jan. 31st Image filtering (edge detection)
pdf Szeliski Chapter 4.2
Feb. 7th
Frequency analysis (Part I)
pdf Szeliski Chapter 3.4

Feb. 14th

Frequency analysis (Part II)


(i) A1 released

(ii) Project details released
Features and Fitting
Feb. 28th Image features pdf Szeliski Chapter 4.1
Mar. 7th Model fitting
pdf Szeliski Chapters 4.3.2,  6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.4

Multiple Views
Mar. 14th Motion analysis pdf Fleet and Weiss, Optical flow Estimation
A2 Released
Mar. 21st 3D structure and motion

Mar. 28th Project meetings

Apr. 4th Stereopsis pdf

Apr. 11th Project presentations (LAST CLASS)


While a great effort has been made to assemble an original set of lecture slides, the essence of the presentation of many of the slides rely significantly on slides prepared by the following instructors: Richard Wildes, Kostas Daniilidis, James Hays, Derek Hoiem, Aaron Bobick, David Lowe, Kristen Grauman, Robert Collins, Svetlana Lazebnik, Steve Seitz, William Freeman, Robert Pless, and Alyosha Efros.